10 Best Low Calorie Snacks as a Replacement of High Calorie Food Items

10 Best Low Calorie Snacks as a Replacement of High Calorie Food Items

We all have the hunger sides that produce the unswerving needs of biting times whether you are an office person or a home maker. Mid day snacks are something that keeps our appetite satisfied for day long.  Usually, we do not care about what we eat throughout the day as snacks and just pick the best thing available at the moment to fulfill craving needs. We then realize our unhealthy diet choices but it’s already late!

So, what next? Are we going to stick to the same vicious circle or going to ditch all those unhealthy packs to adopt a much better and healthier diet options? If you are going to make your snacks choices healthy then do check this list of low-calorie snacks as the replacement of all high-calorie food items.

Low-Calorie Healthy Snacks

Prefer Protein Bars over Chocolates

Prefer Protein Bars over Chocolates

If you eat chocolates regularly when you feel low on energy then replace it with a protein energy bar. It is a good snacking choice. Just make sure you read the ingredients of protein bars before consuming them as different brands consist different sugar content.

No to Ice-Cream, Yes to Yoghurt

yogurt benefits for skin

Taste and Health – that’s what yogurt offers. You can consume it plain or couple it up with fruits, berries, nuts etc to make it tastier and full of nutrients.

Fall for Nuts and Low Fat Cheese Instead of High-Calorie Cheese Sandwiches


Macadamias, pecans, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are some of the best snacks as they are low in calories and rich in nutrients. You can also eat string cheese or low-fat cheese.

Boiled Eggs over Bread Omelettes


Eggs are one of the healthiest snack options. They are quick to make, easy to eat and digest. Rich in protein, they become a good source to fulfill hunger needs. To add some flavor you can add a pinch of black pepper and few pieces of uncooked tomato and onion. Also read high protein diet plan for nonvegetarians.

An Apple Instead of Desserts

An Apple Instead of Desserts

Apple is a super fruit that not just lift your mood and energy levels but also gives you nutrients and fiber. Instead of having any high fat and calorie dessert, try a low calorie and rich in nutrients apple fruit.

No Pizza-Burger, Eat Super Healthy Tomato Salad

Instead of ordering junk food item like pizza or burger, eat a whole tomato with mozzarella cheese – A healthy, tasty and easy to make salad. Mozzarella cheese will add healthy fats and vitamins.


Ditch Noodles and Prefer Healthy Oats Dosa

Oats Face Mask

Yes, you read it right. Healthy Oats Dosa can be a good replacement of your noodles plate. You can try below Oats Dosa recipe for a healthy and tasty breakfast –


1 cup Oats, ½ cup Semolina, ½ cup Rice Flour, Salt as Taste, 1 Green Chilly, 1 Chopped Onion, ½ Chopped Tomato, Coriander Leaves, 2 Spoons Curd


  • Blend 1 cup oats in mixer to form oats powder. (You can also roast oats before making powder if you want.)
  • Add semolina, rice flour, and oats powder. Mix well.
  • Add 2 spoons of curd into this mixture and blend well.
  • Add some water to make a thin paste of it.
  • Now let it sit for 10 minutes. Then add all ingredients into this dosa batter.
  • Now use a nonstick pan to make this dosa. Add little oil and apply this batter on it. Let it bake properly.
  • Your Dosa is ready now. You can have it with chutney.

Healthy, tasty and easy to make oats dosa.

A Glass of Handmade Juice or a Raw Fruit Instead of Packaged Fruit Juice

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Packaged fruit juices are high in sugar levels. Instead of drinking packaged juice prefer handmade without sugar juice or you can eat a whole raw fruit like orange, banana, avocado, dates, blueberries or kiwis. Read here health benefits of dates.

Bye to Sugar Candies and Hi to Dry Fruits


Sugar candies may give some pleasure to your taste buds but in real they are harming your teeth. Instead of them, you can say a hello to the dry fruits and nuts rich in vitamins and nutrition.

Prefer Protein Shake over Soft Drinks

Protein Shake

It is found in studies that soft drinks contain high level of sugar and artificial flavors that are not at all good for health. Instead of it, try a healthy protein shake along with a fruit. It will give you vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Fried Chips Will Make You Fat, Switch to Veggies


Fried chips are easy sources to pass time as well as keeping your craving needs satisfied. But they actually make you fat. This is the right time to switch to veggies. Till 5 pm you can have uncooked plain vegetables like carrot, bell pepper, tomato etc. In evening or night, you can have boiled vegetables. Also read high protein diet plan for vegetarians.

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