10 Reasons That Stunt Hair Growth

Causes of Hair Problems

Hair growth problems could take a toll on you, leaving you caged in various thoughts hovering in your mind over the sudden drop in your hair growth. You somehow pull yourself together and try to overcome this problem and suddenly find yourself caught in the vicious circle of hair fall and hair thinning. This leads to a panicky state of mind wherein splurging money on posh saloons and rushing to the most expensive dermatologist makes sense. Before you explore these options just sit back and think mindfully. Overcoming hair loss or hair thinning can be much easier than you presumed. We all fight hair fall and hair thinning issues and the most reliable way to do this is to understand the hair fall causes and act accordingly.

Here are the reasons of hair loss that need to be addressed to curb hair fall and hair thinning.

Unhealthy Scalp

It is identified as a major reason for sluggish hair growth. Unhealthy scalp could be due to excessive use of chemicals in cosmetics or clogging of scalp pores. This chokes the scalp and leads to multiple hair issues. While there is nothing wrong with oiling, but avoid use of greasy products on your hair and ensure cleaning scalp before hitting bed in case you use heavy products on hair.

Hair Breakage

Usually triggered by bleaching, brushing, rough handling and in some cases showering, attenuates hair growth after a certain length. The above mentioned reasons usually lead to dry scalp and make hair brittle which causes hair breakage.

Split Ends

Hair Breakage

This is something that prevents most of us from having long locks. The primary reason for split ends is over use of chemicals, dryness and lack of moisture. Once the hair start splitting from end, it triggers hair thinning and eventually hair breakage. While we shy away from trimming hair, it is rather required in the time span of 10 to 12 weeks for healthier hair growth.

Heat Styling

Heat Styling on Hair

We love donning new hair style at every do, but what we are not aware of is the effect of heating and chemicals used in the process. The use of hair styling gadgets damage cuticles of the hair shaft which results in hair growth. While we cannot stop getting our hair done, we can maintain it by using natural moisturizers and hair packs.

Improper Diet

Junk Food

The food we include in our diet has a direct effect on not just our weight or skin but on our hair growth as well. It is therefore important to ensure consumption of vitamins in diet to combat sluggish hair growth. Not just diet but drinking water in right amount is also necessary to keep hair hydrated.  Follow this 1200 calorie Indian diet for overall healthy lifestyle.


Heavy dose of medicine can also take a toll on hair growth. Intake of medicines over prolonged period can even lead to hair thinning or hair loss. To curb this, add zinc and Vitamin B12 rich foods in your diet that promote hair growth.

It is believed that ageing and genetics also play significant role in hair growth. But if we combat stress, include hair-happy foods in our meals and avoid overuse of heavy chemical loaded cosmetics, hair fall can be controlled.



It is believed that ageing also plays significant role in hair growth. But if we combat stress, include hair-happy foods in our meals and avoid overuse of heavy chemical loaded cosmetics, hair fall can be controlled. If you are facing premature greying then try these easy home remedies to turn white hair black naturally.


Hormones are responsible for hair growth or hair loss. Anagen is the phase of scalp hair growth which could be affected due to hormonal irregularities.


Physical and emotional stress can trigger hair loss or slow down hair growth. It is advisable to combat stress through meditation and healthy lifestyle to avoid this condition. Due to excessive stress levels hair loss in men are more than of women. Lower down your stress level to stop losing your precious tresses.


While we can work towards promoting hair growth through natural methods, our hair growth cycle determines the maximum length of our hair. Genes are in turn responsible for deciding the hair growth cycle, which causes sluggish growth after reaching a certain point. Onion for hair growth are considered as one of the most effective homemade treatment.

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