5 Biggest Weight Loss Myths Busted

Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss is probably on the top of everyone’s agenda. In this age where late working hours and late night parties have become a routine, most of us are constantly battling weight gain. Addiction to gadgets has added to the woes that keep us engaged till the wee hours of night. Improper sleep, unhealthy meals and most importantly lack of knowledge misleads to greater weight gain. Therefore it becomes necessary to be aware of weight loss myths that have a regressive effect on our body. To save you the effort, we bust some of the most commonly used weight loss myths for shedding those extra kilos.

Weight loss Myths Revealed

Fad Diets Help lose weight

Socializing is leading to a totally different problem that is directly proportional to our health. It is not just heavy snacking, oily meals and chugging that is causing weight gain, but there is a rat race to shed off those extra kilos. Taking inspiration from each other most of us follow fad diets that are fooling most of us into weight loss. The primary reason for its prevalence is the quick result that impresses everyone. On the contrary, such diets not only have a harmful effect on our bodies but it causes weight gain at a faster pace once you stop following it. Here is one effective weight loss diet plan you may check.

Dieting means eating less or skipping meals

One of most widely believed weight loss myths we all swear by is eating less or skipping meals. If this is your mantra for losing weight, wipe it off your mind. Although fasting does help, but that is a totally different vertical of staying healthy and we will get to that later. While dieting has nothing to do with skipping meals or eating less, it is a simple art of eating right and feeding your body in quick intervals to keep the metabolism agile. Ideally we should eat in every 2 to 3 hours in small portion and chew food properly for better digestion. Instead of skipping food intake, take small meals and follow these weight loss diet tips.

We do not need carbohydrates

In reality, carbohydrates or carbs are the major source of energy in our diet. Compared to fat, carbs have half the amount of calories (per gram), which makes it healthier. Although we should be careful with the kind of carbs we are including in your diet like simple carbs which comprises of sugar and high fructose edibles should be avoided. Instead, we should gorge on complex carbs like wholegrain starches that are rich in Indian food and help us lose weight.

Dieting suffices weight loss, exercise is not necessary

While diet holds utmost importance in weight loss, exercising is equally important. In fact balanced diet and exercise go hand in hand, it aggravates the process of losing weight. Simple exercises like walking, running and skipping are sufficient.

Eating less and exercising more helps lose more weight

While you embark on your weight loss journey, keep in mind that it is a slow process and can be achieved in due course of time. So focus on losing weight, do not lose your mind and get obsessed with weight loss. As you get to understand this simple maths of eating less when you lead a sedentary lifestyle and eating more when you exercise regularly, you will start seeing results. Try these belly fat loss exercise to loose some extra fat.

In simple words, losing weight the right way may take some time but it should be done using integrative methods for a long lasting effect.

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