5 Skin Care Myths Busted

Skin Care Myths and Facts

In the race to live sustainable lifestyle, we tend to ignore healthy habits that cause stress, depression and various ailments. This also has an effect on our skin which causes outburst of pimples, acnes, ageing, fine lines etc. As skin starts appearing wan and lifeless we incline towards cosmetic products easily available in the market to bring that glow back on our face. Some of us use cosmetics without consulting a specialist and end up harming our skin in place of curing it. This often leads to a bigger problem. Here we have debunked some common skin care myths and misconceptions to prevent you the trouble.

Myth: Your skin type never changes

Fact: The first and most important from our list of skin care myths and facts is that our skin type can never change. You would be surprised to know that our skin type keeps changing constantly. In fact it is keeps changing throughout life. There are several factors that induce change in our skin type such as seasonal, environmental and hormonal. Some people have combination skin which means some part of the face will be oily and other will be dry. The best example of skin change in a person is the onset of acnes.

Myth: Sun protection should not be used daily

Fact: Most of us think wearing a sunscreen on a daily basis does no good to our skin. In reality, a person who is exposed to sunlight for more than 15 minutes should use sun protection to prevent skin. The UVA rays can penetrate through the glass and can still harm our skin; hence it is advisable to use sunscreen regularly.

Myth: Makeup contains SPF which makes it unnecessary to use sunscreen

Fact: Here is another fact related to sunscreen. Most of the females believe or are advised that the makeup they use contains SPF and they can avoid using sunscreen.  It is suggested to either use sunscreen regularly to combat harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays on our skin or choose makeup that contains these ingredients.

Myth: Cleansing-toning and moisturizing suffices skin care

Fact: Here is another skin care fact you should know. A good cleanser is enough for keeping our skin dirt free. It is wise to look for a cleanser that is pH balanced. This could save you from toning and moisturizing skin. The idea is to use a good cleanser that leaves no dirt, makeup or oil behind. An effective cleanser will also not leave the skin tight after washing. On the other hand a healthy skin with balanced pH will remain moist naturally. Moisturizers should also be chosen with care, as they cover the top layer and mirror functioning of glue, sticking dirt, germs and oils.

Myth: Cosmetic products are as good as medicated products

Fact: Medicated skin products prescribed by doctors act fast and return good results. The reason is the presence of active ingredients that works for your skin type. While the cosmetics we pick randomly from a store may not suit our skin type. Moreover, the over-the-counter products contain less active ingredients and these could have an adverse effect on the skin.

These are some of the common skin care facts that we should keep in mind before picking a product for treating skin issues.

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