6 Things You Should Never Do With Your Vagina

Vaginal Health

Vagina is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. It is necessary to keep it clean and hygienic. Every woman has some cleaning process or uses some vaginal products to be hygienic and take proper care of her female parts. But, wait! Your cleaning process must not include following things as these habits can be problematic for your vaginal health. So, let’s talk about these secrets that every woman must know and should never ever do.

Don’t Wear Tight Underwear

You should not wear tight underwear. It must be comfortable enough as it is the first thing that comes in contact with your vagina. Tight underwear not just makes you uncomfortable but it also promotes skin and vaginal irritation. It also increases risk of yeast infection due to moisture build up in your vagina and boost the bad bacteria growth in vaginal area. So, always wear comfortable underwear made of cool fabric like cotton.

Cleaning Using a Douche

Yes, you read it right! There is no need to use douche. The vagina cleans itself. Mucus in vagina is responsible for this automatic cleaning. You can use a mild soap and warm water to clean your female part but make sure you do not use any such stuff. The vagina has both good and bad bacteria in it and maintains an optimum pH balance which further keeps vagina healthy and protect it from any infection. If you use douches with vinegar then stop using it right away as it increases risk of vaginal infections and can also create complications in childbirth.

Public Hair – Don’t Irritate Them

Public hair has some purpose. They are good at moisture absorption and keep vagina free from infections. So, do not always try them to remove. Instead you can trim them time to time. Studies also suggest that public hair removal can also increase risk of contracting an STD. Therefore, deal with your public hair carefully and handle them properly.

Do Not Leave Tampon in Vagina for So Long

Leaving tampon in vagina for too long increases risk of infections. Infect, sometimes it gets hard and sit deep inside vagina that makes it difficult to remove. Tampons has good absorption tendency as they are made of cotton and synthetic fibers that are very toxic. It is highly recommended to change your tampons every after 4 hour. And, the same thing applies to your sanitary pads that need to be changed every after 6-8 hour.

Say NO to Fragrant Vaginal Products

Women are fond of fragrances. Many women use fragrant vaginal products near vagina to avoid the vaginal odor. Vagina is so sensitive and has insane absorbing tendency. Due to this nature, it soaks everything inside it and same applies for such fragrant vaginal products. Such products easily get absorbed into vagina and then bloodstreams too. So, why take risk? Just say NO to such products and use only mild soap and warm water to keep it clean.

A Strict NO to Hot Steam to Vagina

Many women believe that giving hot steam to vagina cleans it and most specifically the uterus. By doing so you are disturbing the bacteria balance in vagina and also putting yourself on a risk of getting burnt as hot steam cannot be handled by the most sensitive part of your body.

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