7 Surprising Side Effects of Green Tea

7 Surprising Side Effects of Green Tea

We are well aware of miraculous benefits of green tea on our hair, skin and in weight loss. On the flip side, the wondrous tea also has some side effects that we should be apprised of. Packed with antioxidants and antiseptic properties, green tea is also found to curb risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. While the tea serves as a wonder drug, addressing several health issues, it is important to be acquainted with its side effects.

Green Tea Side Effects

  1. The caffeine in green tea could harm the body in many ways. Although, it packs very less amount of caffeine compared to other caffeinated drinks, but it should be consumed in restriction, not more than 2 to 3 times on a daily basis. The overconsumption can lead to health related problems like nausea, diarrhea, frequent urination, insomnia and bad tummy.
  2. Patients taking medication for cancer should completely avoid green tea. It contains polyphenols that are claimed to block anticancer properties of Boertezomib drug, used in cancer treatment.
  3. Green tea can cause gastrointestinal, renal and liver toxicities if consumed during fast. Researchers have conducted tests only on animals so far, but it is suggested that humans can also show similar symptoms during fast.
  4. Green tea cons also include high risk of iron deficiency if consumed in excess. The presence of tannis in green tea impedes absorption of iron, hence its overuse could increase risk of iron deficiency in humans.
  5. Another green tea problem that screams your attention is osteoporosis, caused due to loss of calcium in body. Overconsumption may flush out calcium though urine causing calcium deficiency in body.
  6. It could also affect the level of testosterone. However, the study was conducted on rodents and it is believed that it could have the same affect on humans.
  7. Poyphenols with catechins target mitochondria, known as the powerhouse of cells in human body. This further interferes with the metabolic functioning, eventually inducing severe liver related ailments like jaundice, hepatitis or even liver failure in worse cases.

Side Effects of Green Tea on Females

Green tea should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation as excessive consumption can even lead to miscarriages in some case. It is advised to completely avoid green tea during pregnancy and lactation as the caffeine would reach infants through mother’s milk and harm them. So along with several benefits of green tea, it may have certain side effects too.

Side Effects of Green Tea with Honey

Most of us prefer taking green tea with honey, although honey adds taste to green tea, it is again advised to restrict the daily intake to 2 or maximum 3 cups. The overdose of green tea with honey will have the same effect as consumed without honey. The additional sugar will only do worse if taken in excess. Diabetic patients should avoid green tea with honey or any other sweetener.

Other Green Tea Side Effects

It should never be taken on an empty stomach as it would spike acid content inside the stomach, giving rise to several ailments including constipation, nausea, acidity etc. Here is the constipation causes, prevention and treatments.

Additionally, overconsumption causes restlessness, irritability, sleeping disorders, tremor, heart palpitations, skin rash and loss of appetite in some cases.

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