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Sedentary lifestyle leads to fat deposition and one area where it gets accumulated easily is the abdomen. Belly fat is not just hard to burn but it also prevents you from slipping into your favourite attire which once fitted you perfectly. Although it requires bit of hard work and discipline, belly fat can be reduced by adopting healthy lifestyle changes.

Besides, it is also necessary to exercise to remove that stubborn belly fat as lack of movement is a primary reason after unhealthy diet that causes fat to deposit around abdomen.

To help you with belly fat loss, we have listed below some of the exercises that will help you lose belly fat.



One of the best cardio exercises used for burning belly fat is walking. While some may think walking isn’t effective, this is indeed the simplest and widely practised method for getting rid of body weight. If you follow a healthy diet it works faster. Try to walk for at-least 45 minutes for a minimum of 4 to 5 days on weekly basis. A regular regime will show results and it has other benefits also like it reduces the risk of injuries and aides metabolic rate.



Besides walking, running is yet another most commonly practised form of exercise for reducing that ugly fat around your belly. You can switch it with walking occasionally to avoid getting used to a specific exercise.


Though running works fast towards fat loss, jogging is another alternative for those who find running tiring. Reports opine that jogging is much effective when it comes to breaking down unused body fat. It is found that jogging returns better results compared to weightlifting. While running and walking are a form of cardiovascular exercise, jogging falls under aerobics.


Bicycle Exercise

Do you remember paddling down to your school during your childhood on a bicycle? It is time to hop on to your favourite two-wheeler again and have some fun while burning away that rigid belly fat. Cycling helps burn the unwanted fat fast not just around your belly but from other problem areas as well.


Swimming is another cardio based exercise advised for losing weight and toning body. Be careful with choosing an up-tempo and taxing stroke that helps in overall weight loss.



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This is a tried and tested method of fighting belly fat. While the focus is on burning away the unwanted fat around your abdomen, it also works on the stomach muscles, making it stronger.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Done with your legs raised, vertical leg crunch is one of the fastest methods of burning away the taut belly fat. Usually 12 to 15 reps should be done in sets of three, but if you are a beginner, do not overdo it.

Planks Pikes

While there are various ways to do planks, here we are talking about the plank pikes. While the traditional plank involves use of arms, this form also makes you stretch your legs with focus on the lower belly.

While all the above exercises are great for reducing overall weight, they also work for reducing belly fat. Remember your mind plays the most important part in prepping you in following a regime and discipline brings you desired results. So keep exercising and burn away that ugly belly fat. There are many weight loss myths too that shouldn’t be believed in order to get what you expect for a perfect body weight.

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