Benefits of Indian Gooseberries (Amla)

Amazing Benefits of Indian Gooseberries Amla

Indian Gooseberry, commonly known as Amla has very high nutritional value. Due to its medicinal properties, the fruit has been used since medieval times in Ayurveda. Containing high amount of vitamin c, amla is also a very good source of calcium and iron. Many women suffer from calcium deficiency in old age and pregnancy, consuming amla in the form of chutney could supplement our daily requirement of calcium. Since it is also a rich source of vitamin c and iron, it is used in dried form for improving skin and hair growth.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Amla that give us enough reason to include this fruit with high nutritive value in our diet. We have broadly categorised benefits of Amla into four pointers. While we have already discussed its nutritional significance for glowing skin and healthy hair, Amla is also advantageous in pregnancy and weight loss.

Amla Benefits for Healthy Hair

Amla for healthy hair

You must have seen your mothers and aunts use Amla in dried form for washing hair. Some people even add Amla powder in their oil to benefit from it. Amla powder is easily available in market and can be mixed with reetha powder and used as a natural conditioner. Amla not just acts as a precursor for healthy hair but it also prevents hair greying. When applied with hair pack, it nourishes the scalp and roots and promotes hair health. To make this paste, you need Amla powder, yogurt and honey. Mix 2 tbsp of Amla powder with one tbsp of yogurt and honey. Add some water to honey so that it mixes easily. Apply the pack to hair stands and root for 30 minutes and wash thoroughly. Check more on how to use Amla for hair care and scalp health.

Amla Benefits for Glowing Skin

Amla for Beautiful Skin

Amla is a very rich source of vitamic c which makes it a precursor to healthy skin. You can either simply add Amla to your daily meal or prepare chutney. Known to exfoliate skin, Amla not just makes skin smooth and youthful, but it also removes dead skin cells. Amla juice can be used on skin for around 30 minutes to benefits from its exfoliating properties. Check more on how to use Amla for skin care.

Amla Benefits in Pregnancy

Amla packs vitamin c, calcium and iron in abundance which makes it an ideal fruit for pregnant females. Pregnant females experience mood swings, hormonal change and several other issues that keep rising every month. Constipation is another problem that females encounter during these nine months. Alma is natural panaceas that can help get rid of these issues. Due to its pungent taste, it is hard to consume raw, hence it is advisable to consume it in the form of pickle, chutney, muraba etc.

Amla Benefits in Weight Loss


Amla juice is recommended for weight loss due to its high nutritional value and presence of antioxidants. The simple mathematics is that is stimulates metabolism and nourishes body with micro and macro nutrients requisite for normal functioning. It also enhances protein synthesis in body which implies more energy for the body cells.

Amla is easily available in market in raw and dried form. This miraculous fruit has many more benefits about which we will discuss in detail later.

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