Common Mental Disorders You Should Not Ignore

How easily we call ourselves or someone else crazy or psycho? Whenever something unfavorable is
happening, how many of us just go totally out of control and loss the basic consciousness. We generally
use terms like – going mad, crazy, retarded etc but millions of people are struggling with the real mental
disorders right now and some of them don’t even know about it. We never talk on such issues openly.
But today’s life demands it. We should educate ourselves enough about the mental disorders, their
common symptoms and possible treatments. Not all disorders are too dangerous but still we need to
take better care of everyone close to us so that no one ever go through any sort of mental illness. Or,
alone struggle with it by burying it deep inside.

We need to understand that mental disorders are as common as any other disease like flu, fever etc.
Here are some mental illnesses we need to learn about them and educate others too.

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Common Mental Disorder Depression

Depression is not just feeling sad about something. It is way more than ‘feeling sad’. It is a sign of
hopelessness and helplessness. Grief or sorrow is a brief feeling but when it grows by the time it
becomes deep-seated illness. In depression, many times the victim attempts suicides too. It destroys the
sense of decision making and makes helpless.

Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder patients experiences strange intense emotional conditions. These emotional states
occur over different periods of time and known as mood swings or mood episodes. Every mood episode
shows an extreme change in person’s general behavior. The two main or most common states are manic
episode and depressive episode. The person gets too excited and happy in manic episode, whereas, the
person gets depressed, sad and extremely hopeless in depressive episode. Sometimes, the person has
symptoms of both mania and depression.


A chronic and severe mental disorder that disables human’s brain. It can be caused by environmental
factors, tragedy and genetics. People suffering from Schizophrenia mental disorder hears unknown
voices that no one can hear or believes that some other person is controlling their thoughts. This form of
mental disorder gives a feel of illusion and the person won’t be able to separate real and unreal
situations and experiences.

The symptoms varies depending person to person and remain long lasting. Regular medication and
treatments can help the patient to reduce and control such disturbing symptoms of this Schizophrenia

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

People suffering from OCD are full of unwanted and disturbing thoughts due to which they go out of
their mind and get obsessed. This state of their mind compels them to continuously execute ritualistic
behaviors to ease their anxiety. Obsessive compulsive disorder person are generally aware of their
behavior and knows that their obsessions and compulsions are unreasonable; still they can’t control
their feelings at the moment.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is a serious disorder normally occurs in children. This disorder changes behavior of a person. The
person or child suffering from ADHD becomes inattentive, hyperactive and reckless at times. It is
common in people those feel difficulties in learning or have intellectual ability. ADHD patients also have
sleep and anxiety disorders.

Social Anxiety Disorder

In this sort of disorder, the person feels extreme fear in being socialized and judged by other people in
any situation. Social anxiety isn’t about being shy in socializing with people but it’s about a fear of being
judged by social people.
The constant anxiety causes major stress problems and hampers daily life. In most of the cases, the
person suffering from social anxiety disorder knows that its unreasonable but still they can’t get over
from it.



It is a learning disorder distinguished by difficulty in reading. It occurs due to issues like recognizing
speech sounds, learning how speech sound is related to a letter or word etc. Dyslexia is common in
children those who have normal vision and intelligence.
Mostly it gets undiagnosed but it is a lifelong problem if not treated. The disorder occurs due to
inherited attributes that affects our brain functioning. Emotional support is extremely required to help
patient in succession in their life goals.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

People who experienced a traumatic situation like natural disaster, accident, sudden death of beloved
one, war, assault etc can be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. People who faced such
situations recover from them but sometimes they may go in severe depression and remain anxious for
several months or years.

Stress is the first step of any mental disorder that may affect millions of people’s life. We must learn
about these disorders and educate ourselves as well as society about their symptoms, treatments and
emotional support to the person going through it.

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