Cucumber Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

cucumber health benefits

Cucumber – the most wonderful low calorie vegetable full of nutrients, water contents and electrolytes. If you want to make your diet enriched with high nutrition value by adding more raw vegetables and fruits then cucumber is the best option indeed. Cucumber is highly used in traditional diet and in beauty products or treatments as well. In this post we will see the health benefits of cucumber.

Top 18 Cucumber Health Benefits and Facts

Keeps You Hydrated

Cucumber is a great source of hydrating body. It is 95.2% water that means a 1-ounce of cucumber serving has 0.8 ounce of water. Taking 5-ounce serving of cucumber fulfills your 26% of water intake by food.

Healthy Heart

It has potassium that helps in lowering down the blood pressure. In one cup of cucumber, 152 mg potassium is found. Including cucumber in your diet daily lowers the risk of stroke and cardiovascular health problems. So, eat cucumber more to keep your heart healthy. Also read about best diet plan for heart health.

Fights Inflammation

Eating cucumber gives immense relief from inflammation, sun burn and heart burn. You can use cucumber face mask and can feel relief from skin irritation and itchiness.


The water contents in cucumber help in flushing out all toxins from body. It also dissolves kidney stones. Read more on 25 amazing body cleansing and detox food.

Vitamin Nourishment

It contains vitamin A, B and C that improves immunity and gives energy. When juiced with carrot and spinach, doubles its nutrients value.

Healthy and Glowing Skin

Yes, cucumber is full of minerals, magnesium, potassium and silicon that are essential for skin health. That’s why cucumber is used in various skin treatments in spas. Also check these 23 super foods for healthy glowing skin.

Protects Brain

Cucumber’s anti-inflammatory properties protect brain from severe neurological diseases. It has an anti inflammatory substance – ‘fisetin’ that protects brain. It also helps maintain cognitive function in Alzheimer patients.

Protect Skin from Aging

Cucumbers are best in skin care. It has potential anti-wrinkle agents that make it effective in reducing skin aging.

Relieve Pain

Cucumber has flavonoids (anti-inflammatory substance) and tannins that help in reducing pain by lower down the release of free radicals. It is highly used in headaches and acne removal.

No Bad Breath

Bad breath is one big issue most of the people are dealing with. It is caused by bacteria’s in mouth. Cucumber boosts the saliva production in mouth that helps in washing off these bacteria and reduce bad odor in mouth.

Bones Protection

Cucumber is a great source of Vitamin K that is considered as essential substance for bone health. Vitamin K deficiencies lead to bone damages.  Vitamin K is essential for calcium absorption in bones that makes bones stronger. Also, reduces muscle and joint pain.

Reduce Constipation

Cucumber’s skin has insoluble fiber. Water and fiber combination improves digestion and prevent constipation.

Refreshes Eyes

A small chilled slice of cucumber on eyes is considered as a beauty ritual for refreshing eyes. It also removes dark circles around eyes.

Lowers Cancer Risk

It also lowers down the risk of cancers.

Beautiful Hairs and Nails

Cucumber has the wonder element Silica in it that makes hairs and nails strong and shiny.

Healthy Weight Management

This super vegetable is low in calories and has fibers that help in maintaining healthy weight. You can add cucumber in your diet in various ways like salads, pickle, juice etc. Here are some quick weight loss diet and tips.

Diabetes Control

It is considered as a healthy food for diabetic patients. It contains a hormone required by pancreas cells to produce insulin.

Cholesterol Control

It also reduces cholesterol with help of its one amazing substance – sterols.

So for what are you waiting for? Include this powerful vegetable in your everyday diet to make yourself healthy and strong 😉

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