Daily Hair Care Routine for Healthy Hair

Daily Hair Care Routine

Hair care can be a hectic job, especially when you have no time due to your busy schedules. All the working women who are already dealing with work and home chores have limited time to pamper themselves. But keeping hair healthy and well maintained make us feel more confident and presentable. So, all the women, here is a DIY guide on daily hair care routine that you can follow to keep your hair healthy without investing much time. Thankfully, there are some things that do not need regular attention and can be done once or twice a week.

All Natural Hair Care Routine

Hair Type

At first, you really need to figure out the type of your hair. Every person has different hair texture and different hair type has to be treated differently. The best way to know your hair type is – Do not apply any product on your hair for few days, go with your natural hair and know your hair tendencies. You can have one/combination of these hair types – oily, dry, normal, wavy, straight, thick, thin, and curly.

Hair Wash

Wash your hair only when needed. Most hair types do not need daily washing. Many people believe that daily hair wash keeps their hair clean and healthy. But, the truth is that it depends on hair type and the individual’s need.

  • Dry hair requires every third day wash or twice a week.
  • Fine and Oily hair can be washed every day.
  • Normal hair can be washed every second day.

You can also experiment with your hair wash schedule, observe how your hair reacts and accordingly wash them for proper hair care. There is no perfect formula to calculate how frequently you can wash your hair but you can observe your hair and wash them whenever you feel it’s dirty.

NO Hot Water For Hair Wash

Many people take hot shower and wash their hair with same hot water which is not recommended. Hot water removes the natural protected oils from your scalp and hair and makes it dry. Use normal lukewarm water to maintain natural shine.

Hair Oiling

Hair oiling and shampoo are essential to maintain hair. You can use essential oils to keep your hair nourished. Always use natural oils that suit your hair type. The best way is to massage your scalp in night and wash with a sulphate free mild shampoo in morning. You can try tea tree essential oil for hair growth and to fight with scalp infection.

Brush Hair

To keep our hair tangle free we brush them regularly. Brushing is one of the ways to distribute natural oils throughout your hair from root to the end. It keeps naturally shiny hair. But, make sure you use a soft bristled brush and go gently on your hair. Roughly brushing your hair can scrape scalp and result in hair fall. Also, limit your all day hair brushing to once or twice a day. Overdo isn’t good.

Air Dry Hair

Due to lack of time, most of the women use hair dryers which generate lots of heat and damages your hair follicles, break them and make dry. Allow your wet hair to dry naturally.

Hair Trimming

This one is the essential part to keep hair healthy and split ends free. If you do not trim hair regularly then it will look unhealthy and damaged. Give your hair a trim every six weeks to three months. Also read these 10 reasons that stunt hair growth.

Hair Styling Products

Hair styling products has become our necessity, nowadays. Firstly, be carefully while choosing these products as they highly depends on your hair type. Secondly, limit their usage to avoid hair damage. Also, avoid using heat on your hair to style them. If you really want to style hair using heat then be sure to use a heat protection solution on hair.

Apply Home Remedies

Yes, you read it right! For every small hair issues you do not need to visit a doctor. Try home remedies to nourish your hair and remove certain hair problems naturally. Here are some of the home remedies for dull hair

  • Olive Oil – Use warm olive oil on hair as it helps moisturize dry hair. Massage your hair with olive oil and let it sit for 45 minutes, then use a mild hair cleanser.
  • Tea – Tea water can add shine to your hair as well as improves your natural hair color. Rinse hair with a tea that corresponds to your natural color.
  • Coconut or Castor Oil – These oils are the natural conditioner. Apply warm oil to hair, letting it sit for 45 minutes. Then rinse with shampoo. Castor oil is very effective for not just hair but also for skin too. Read here about the uses and benefits of castor oil.
  • Honey – Honey is a natural moisturizer. It helps strengthen hair follicles. You can use honey with shampoo and wash hair.

This routine can keep your hair well maintained and healthy without taking much time. Now, do follow this daily hair care routine to bring positive changes in your hair health.

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