Diet for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Diet for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Diabetes is on the rise in India, people across age groups are being stung by this disease, which was otherwise prevalent in middle-aged individuals. Not just adults, but young children are also falling prey to Diabetes. If there is one common thread that binds them all together, it is stress, unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. If you are on the threshold of diabetes or have already been diagnosed with diabetes, do not panic. This condition is reversible if you pay attention to balance your diet and exercise well.

Most of diabetic patients slip into depression, because of confined food choices. While you make dietary changes to control diabetes it is important to understand that picking the right food matters and how you eat it or portion it matters ever more. To help you make right food choices, we have listed some important tips that can be useful for blood sugar control.

Diabetes Diet for Indians

Diet for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

The geographical area we live in plays an important part in forming our food habits, therefore it is important to structure diabetes diet around that. Our daily calorie intake should be between 1500 to 1800 calories with a 60:20:20 proportions of carbs, fats and proteins, the building blocks of nutrition.

Diabetic patients should include at-least two fruits in their diet, handful of nuts and fibre rich foods. If you are indulging in junk food at a gathering, make sure to eat mindfully and balance it with nuts or have a glass of lemon water with a spoon of cinnamon powder. This will help in blood sugar control.

Diet for Diabetes Control

Diabetes diet should include whole grains, millets, oats and channa atta. These foods contain fibre in good amount. Vegetables that are rich in fibre like beans, spinach, okra, broccoli, peas should be included in meals. Other healthy options like pulses and sprouts should also be taken. Pulses have a relatively less effect on blood glucose as compared to other foods that contain high carbs, hence make it a part of your diet.

Fibre Rich Fruits for Diabetes Diet

It is important to eat fruits to feed enough fibre to your body. Remember fruits are best to be eaten on an empty stomach for maximum benefit. Do not eat fruits post meals as it could spike your blood sugar level. Another tip is to avoid eating fruits post sunset.

Fruits like papaya, apple, guava and orange are good for diabetics. Other fruits like mangoes, grapes and bananas have high sugar and should be eaten in moderation. Remember, you can gorge on these fruits once in a while, but make sure to balance with nuts or lemon water with cinnamon powder as mentioned above.

Other Tips for Diabetes Diet

Do not shy away from fat; instead make healthy choice when it comes to fat. There are good and bad type of fats, Oemga-3 and monosaturated fats or MUFA is good fats that should be included in diet. Foods items like flax seeds, nuts, canola oil and fatty fish contain MUFA and Omega-3 are good supplements of Omega-3 and MUFA.

Work around a diet plan that comprises of small and frequent meals as large meals spike blood sugar level in body.

Avoid artificial sweeteners that are present in sweets and cakes. These could be consumed often, but make sure to eat mindfully and balance it with nuts etc. Increase intake of fluids.

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