Diet Plan for Acne Cleanse and Cure

Diet for Acne

The sudden outbreak of acne leads most of us in a panicky state seeking advice from everyone to get rid of acnes. From old wives tale to home remedies, you willingly try almost anything that promises to remove appearance of acne. While, cosmetic products and home remedies help curbing acnes, the primary reason behind the acne flare-up is poor diet. Studies conducted by scientists prove that certain foods like dairy products and carbohydrates induce acne outburst in many people.

Acne Diet Changes – Foods to Avoid

The main reason behind acne breakout in teenagers and adults is overload of toxins. To reduce accumulation of toxins in the body, you should increase intake of organic food, fruits and fresh vegetables.

Avoid processed foods high in sugar, preservatives and dyes to curb eruption of acne.

Another tip is to cut down on the amount of alcohol and soda. Alcohol causes dehydration and contains sugar in high amount that aggravates the condition.

Dairy products are rich in hormones that induce oil glands, leading to acne breakout due to excessive production of sebum. Therefore, try to avoid dairy products while on acne diet. To substitute daily calcium intake, include tofu, soymilk, green vegetables and broccoli in your diet.

Another food that you should avoid during acne diet is meat as it contains high protein. Other than red meat, one should also curb intake of chicken and eggs. These foods stimulate acidity in body which causes acne. Additionally, meat, chicken and eggs contain proteins that are hard to break and stay undigested in the body.

Junk food made from white flour like cookies, pizza, cakes, pasta etc contain harmful ingredients that should be avoided. These foods not only slow metabolism, but also affect our hormones.

Sugar is another evil behind most of the diseases. High intake of sugar causes inflammation in cells that leads to ageing. To keep acne in check, make sure to restrict sugar intake to 15-20 grams on a daily basis.

Acne Diet Cleanse

The first thing to remember when starting with acne diet cure is to drink a lot of water. Try to drink 3-4 glasses of water early in the morning and continue drinking water through the day. Water helps flushing out toxins from the body.

There is as such no specific acne diet food, but you should ensure to include lots of raw fruits, vegetables, juices and smoothies in your diet.

It is best to eat fruits on an empty stomach, therefore try to eat two to three different fruits every morning to reap maximum benefits.

Nuts are equally healthy and should be preferably soaked overnight before eating the next morning.

Similarly, seeds like chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flex seeds and melon seeds are excellent for health. You can add these to your bowl of fruits or eat separately.

Meals should be taken in time and it is equally important to portion meals. For acne diet cure, include all healthy food and see your skin transform. You can also use these 5 essential oils for treating acne and acne scars.

Acne Diet Plan Vegetarian

The idea is to start day with a dose of lemon water in the morning. Later on you can have a bowl of fresh fruits, cereals etc. For the mid-morning snack take a fruit, or fistful of dry fruits ideally. Lunch can contain curd, salad, 2 roti, daal, veggies etc. Dinner should be the lightest meal, you can include vegetable soup, boiled veggies, 2 rotis etc for dinner.

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