Some Effective Amla Benefits in Weight Loss


Indian Gooseberry commonly known as Amla is used in Ayurveda since medieval times. The super-fruit offers vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus etc in abundance which makes it appropriate for treating various body ailments. Apart from its myriad benefits, the super-fruit is favourable in weight loss. Amla for weight loss is excellent as it helps remove toxic substance stored inside the body. While we all at some time struggle with sudden increase in weight caused due to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, incorporating amla juice/powder in our diet can prevent us from being a victim of weight gain. Also, read the other benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberries).

5 Amla Weight Loss Tips

Remember, amla juice taken with water or juice and amla powder in daily meal can aide weight loss. This does not imply we should not make dietary changes or lifestyle changes. Along with this, exercise is extremely important for weight loss and maintaining good health.

  1. Rich in vitamin C, consuming amla juice early in the morning could be beneficial in weight loss. Besides, it also aides skin and hair growth and treats various body ailments.
  1. Another benefit of amla juice is its ability to boost metabolism. This is the primary root cause for improper metabolism which accumulates toxins in the body. By drinking amla juice regularly, these toxins are flushed out of the body.
  1. Not many know that amla juice also stimulates protein synthesis in the body. It not only pushes toxins outside the body but it also induces synthesis of protein in the body. When the breakdown of protein is simplified, the body gets more energy to work and the food is not accumulated inside the body.
  1. The toxins inside the body are the main culprit behind weight gain. Amla not just flushes out toxins from the body but also curbs toxin build-up, hence preventing weight gain.
  1. It is also a natural rejuvenator and balances energy level in the body. Besides, amla keeps body hydrated.

How to Use Amla Powder for Weight Loss

Another way to incorporate amla in your diet is by adding amla powder in your food. Amla powder for slimming is beneficial and returns same benefits as in liquid form. It is easily available in market and can be added to our daily meals for maximum benefit. You can also order it from any of the online shopping portals without even stepping outside your house.

It can also be consumed with water, boil some water in a pot and add 1tsp of amla powder to it. Put a lid on the pot and boil at low flame for few minutes. Strain the water and add some salt, pepper powder to add taste to it, otherwise consume it plain.

Other Ways to Consume Amla in Daily Diet

Other than the using amla juice and amla powder, one can make amla pickle  and store in a jar for long term use. Murabba is prepared in many Indian households and consumed throughout summers. While some like to prepare amla chutney and add it to their meals in moderation.

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