Eye Care Tips and Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight

Eye Care Tips and Home Remedies

Eyes are the window to a man/woman’s heart. The most beautiful feature on the face, eyes carry sundry emotions. In the current scenario, where books and comics have been replaced by tablet, smartphones and laptos, eyes go through copious strain. Late night work shifts add more woes to your eyes. This results in caging your beautiful eyes behind those thick glasses. Another problem that makes your eyes dull is discolouration around eyes or dark circles. Before you start panicking, wait and relax. While these are indications that your eyes need care, it is important to respond timely and prevent your eyes from losing its charm. Here are some natural eye care tips that can be of great help.

How to Take Care of Eyes Daily

If you use lens, here are some important tips that may help you.

  1. Keep your lenses clean and remove protein deposits properly. Wash hands before handling lenses. It is advisable to use monthly disposable lenses.
  2. You should store lenses in fresh solution, hence change your lens solution daily.
  3. Splash cold water on your eyes after removing your lenses.
  4. Rose water soothes eyes and you should use 2-3 drops of rose water daily to soothe them.

Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight

While the above pointers are helpful for those who use lenses, here are some generic eye care natural remedies.

  1. Sleep is important for your body as all the repair work takes place while you are asleep. There could be no better therapy than sleep, hence make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Ensure to drink enough water and healthy fluids throughout the day. Usually you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis.
  3. Always wear sunglasses during summers when you are going out in sun.
  4. Sunscreen is rather mandatory during summers, so lather it on your face, arms or any other exposed body part before stepping out.
  5. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, salad, yogurt, nuts, seeds in your diet. Foods including carrots, green leafy vegetables and beetroots are especially beneficial for eyes.

Tips For Healthy Eyes

With this eye skin care routine, you can keep issues like dark circles, puffy eyes etc at bay.

  1. We all know, cucumber slices work wonders for dark circles under eyes but it is even better if you can drink a glass of cucumber juice. Carrot juice with amla and some beetroot is also wondrous for your eye skin and eye sight.
  2. Hot and cold compress under your eyes alternatively for 10 minutes relax your eyes. Almond oil mixed with half tsp lime juice on the affected area before going to bed works on the dark area around eyes.
  3. For sunken eyes, apply almond oil mixed with some honey before bedtime and wash next morning.
  4. This tip works well for puffy eyes. Blend grated potatoes and cucumber and strain the juice in a bowl. Add the pulp to a cup of basil tea and store this concoction in the form of ice cubes. Dab the ice cubes around eyes and rinse with cold water later.

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