Hair Loss Causes and Treatments for Men

Hair loss Baldness in Males

Dealing with hair loss could be as traumatic for males as for females. While women experience it mostly because of the hormonal changes, it is more prevalent among men sometimes even leading to baldness. Earlier, men use to experience hair loss and balding in their 40s, however the process has pre-matured to early 30s or even 20s in some cases. Experts believe that a sudden shift in lifestyle triggers hair loss and early balding in men. While the issue can be addressed by making change in our daily routine, we first need to identify the causes that lead to hair loss in men.

On the internet, you will find various reasons leading to hair loss in men, but in reality there are primarily four causes. The most common causes for hair loss in men are stress, pollution, poor nutrition and vices.

Men who go bald in their early 20s or 30s are usually a victim of hereditary passed on to them through genetics. Besides, hormonal disturbance, medical treatment for certain diseases and excessive hair treatment often initiate hair loss in men.

Usually it is normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. But if the condition aggravates, it implies a person is going through Alopecia, the medical term of copious hair loss. This indicates that our body is undergoing something serious. For instance, if your body is under physical stress or mental stress, it usually leads to intermittent hair loss. The harm our bodies undergo during a medical condition like typhoid etc, has an effect on our hair which shows after few days.

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Having understood the causes triggering hair loss in men, let us know delve deep into the treatment and cure.

As mentioned above, stress is one of the most common causes for hair fall. Hair follicles require energy to grow which comes through foods like whole grains, meat and fish. These food items contain Coenzyme Q10 and provide energy to mitochondria in cells that stores energy.

Diet also plays a major role in hair growth. Our hair is made of protein and keratin, which we get through our diet. To boost hair growth one should include protein rich food. Other foods that aide hair growth include almonds, tofu, paneer, spinach and walnuts, hence make it a habit to consume nuts and other foods that improve growth. Recent studies have revealed that green tea blocks Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone that is the root cause for hair loss, therefore it suggested to consume green tea to curb hair loss.

Similarly, we need to consume foods rich in Vitamin E B3, B5 and B9. These vitamins are found in good amount in orange, chicken, broccoli and soya beans. Zinc is another vital mineral that benefits hair growth. Our Indian roti made of wheat is rich in zinc. Dairy products, oats and egg yolk are other supplements of zinc. Magnesium and Iron which also encourage hair growth can be sourced from milk, tuna, banana, cashews, fish, fortified cereals, beans and green veggies. See more on hair care.

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