Hair Loss Reasons, Prevention and Treatments

Hair Loss Reasons and Prevention

We surely want our long shining tresses cascading down our shoulders. To make it bouncy and voluminous we try old wives tales and end up visiting a parlour, in hope of transforming our hair. While we make so much effort for our long locks, it is shattering if we are caught in the vicious circle of hair fall. Frankly, it is a problem women are facing today. Even those who oil hair regularly are fighting hair fall which brings us to getting acquainted to the reasons for hair loss and its prevention.

Before we get started with hair loos reasons, it is necessary to bust some common myths. First and foremost, hair fall does not indicate there is something wrong with your genes. If this thought ever hovers in your mind, ward it off. Secondly, most of the females are advised that washing hair regularly leads to hair fall, another myth you do not need to pay attention to. And finally colouring and hair treatment is yet another frivolous reason usually given for hair fall.

Now that we know none of the above is true, let us examine the actual hair loss reasons. Here are some of the common reasons for hair loss – Hormonal Changes, Medication and Treatments, Iron Deficiency, Fad Diets, Over Treating Hair, Pregnancy, Stress and Infection in Scalp.

Hormonal changes in the body are one of most common reasons for hair loss, especially in females.  Stimulation of hormones due to following medical conditions like hyperthyroid, menopause, ovarian cyst etc weakens the hair root leading to hair loss.

While pregnancy is a blessing for every woman, it brings along a lot of repercussion that a female’s body has to go through. Hair fall usually starts after delivery due to fatigue, dehydration and hormonal changes in the body.

Stress is yet another major reason for hair loss. Experiencing sudden weight loss or straining your body leads to stress. Remember we not only need proper diet but we also need to detox our minds as well.

While we do wash our hair regularly, sometimes fugal, bacterial and viral infections are the reasons behind our hair loss. Some medical conditions like typhoid, depression, heart diseases and cancer also lead to hair loss. (Please note that treatment for cancer, which involves chemotherapy leads to hair loss)

Other reasons that are identified as common causes for hair loss include Iron deficiency that triggers weakness, headache and eventually hair-loss. In a bid to lose weight, we sign up for fad diets, triggering hair loss.

While we all rush to parlours for hair treatment, be sure not to overdo it as the chemicals used for treatment are not natural and excessive use can damage hair, including.

Hair loss causes

Having understood the causes of hair loss, let us now look up ways of prevention and home remedy treatments. As hair loss is becoming a common taboo in recent times, it demands to adapt traditional lifestyle changes and methods for prevention.

From hot oil massage (coconut oil preferably) to applying onion juice and beetroot juice on the scalp, these are the natural ways to prevent hair loss. To fight stress, nothing can help well than meditation. Indian Gooseberry which is commonly known as Amla, is rich in Vitamic C can be used in dried form or consumed in the form of chutney. Other than the above mentioned prevention and treatments, consuming green tea, applying a natural mask, Aloe Vera and Egg white with curd work wonders in hair loss prevention.

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