The Harmful Side Effects of Makeup

Makeup – A substance that bought a drastic change in our daily life. Women from all age groups have become very conscious about their presence and looks. They are not even afraid of using heavy chemical based makeup on face that can leave stubborn side effects by the time. Earlier, makeup was used as a luxury on special occasions only, but, now it is an essential part of most of the women’s life and took a permanent place in their bags.

No one wants to think about the after effects of such chemicals that we apply regularly. The dangerous chemicals in such cosmetic products can debauch your skin and even increase the risk of cancer. Nowadays, we are so addicted to these chemical based makeup products that we can’t even step out from our home without applying a hard coat of face powder, a perfect matching lip shade and the flawless sweep of eyeliner.

Without makeup many women feels incomplete and this dependency on makeup is possibly pushing us towards various health issues. Here we uncover some of those really harsh and stubborn side effects of makeup that can ruin your skin badly.

Diet for Acne

Harsh After Effects of Makeup


Pimples are the most common problem that many people may experience as a side effect of makeup. It may take several weeks to be cured completely and sometimes it could be long lasting. Covering up them with makeup further damages them permanently as the skin pores get blocked thus making the problem even worst. You may also use essential oils to treat skin problems.

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies generally occur due to unawareness regarding your skin type or sensitivity. Numerous skin allergies can occur because of using improper or unsuitable makeup products on skin. Allergies can be rashes, inflammation, redness etc. Effects can leave harsh impact on skin that may require long term treatment.


Patches are one of the most common side effects of regular and heavy makeup. They may not be severe but they can be long lasting and make skin look dull and uneven. Some patches can take several years to fade their appearance.

Dark Circles

Dark circles around eyes can occur due to regular applying heavy eye makeup. Dark circles that occur due to makeup are more severe than of the regular ones. It takes long time to be cured and often leaves a constant mark. To hide this mark, people use more makeup that makes it even worst.


Makeup leads damage to skin cells and generates scars on skin. Scars can be small ones to the big ones and may require long term treatment to recover skin cells, thus regular skin care is recommended.


Boils are one of the side effects of makeup. This skin problem results in the formation of red and sore area on skin. The treatment for such skin problems are very complex and require proper medication.


Wrinkles are the common aging signs and makeup can ensure their early development. Make-up contributes to skin aging by drying out the natural skin oils and minerals present in skin. When skin dries out, it starts loosing and its natural moisture and texture fades away that starts developing wrinkles. Once a skin loses its natural oils and moisture, it becomes difficult to restore them again and making it youthful.


Acne is one common problem after makeup. Makeup clog the skin pores and starts formation of blackheads if not removed properly and applied consistently for long hours. Regular cleanup is required after makeup to avoid acne. Acne can be painful and mostly leaves behind long lasting scars or marks.


Did you ever think that cancer may develop because of heavy make-up?

Cancer, perhaps is the most threatening after effect of makeup. Not every makeup has such wide level of cosmetics but still they may have certain chemicals that may stimulate cancer cells. So, be careful while choosing makeup for you. Use only organic range of makeup and ensure you clean your skin before going to bed.

Check this infographic to know some best foods you must eat to replace your makeup needs.

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Foods To Reaplace Harsh Makeup Products

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