Headache Reasons, Types and Home Remedies

headache causes and types

Headache is a common condition we all experience, while some vanish fast but we need to pay attention to prolonged headaches. Ache in head could be due to various reasons and require treatment that cures the root cause. Therefore, different headaches have different symptoms that need to be identified for medication.

Headache Reasons

The primary cause leading to ache in head is stress which could be triggered easily, considering our hectic lifestyles.

In a layman’s language, headache is the response our body gives to emotional and physical stress. This in turn makes the neck and head muscles contract creating tension, eventually sparking off ache in head.

Any acute illness like fever, some kind of infection and cold also stimulate headache. Besides, our environment also plays a major role in spurring headache. Passive smoking, pollution, abrupt changes in weather allergens and strong chemicals used in day to day work in our houses have been identified as common headache inducers.

Types of Headache

Headaches can be classified broadly into two types-primary and secondary. Here we will talk about the most common kinds of headaches experienced across age group.

Headhache types, reasons and treatments

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Headache caused due to migraine can last from minimum of four hours to maximum of three days. The prevalence of this kind of headache is 3 to 4 times a month. Besides experiencing pain in head, sufferers also show other symptoms like belly pain, dizziness, sensitivity to noise, smell and light etc. While the symptoms are slightly different in kids as they often complain of fever, upset tummy, dizziness, pale skin, blurry vision, digestive problems etc.

Cluster Headache

In this kind of headache, sharp pain is experienced behind the eyes. The intensity of pain is very strong and its occurrence is two to three times in a day for 2 weeks to up to 3 months. Since it happens in a cluster period, hence it is called cluster headache.

Sinus Headache

This kind of headache is sparked off when our head cavities, referred to as sinuses are agitated. Symptoms include fever, swelling in face, running nose etc. This kind of headache induces constant pain in nose-bridge, forehead and cheekbones.

Tension Headache

It is the most common kind of headache experienced mostly by adults and teenagers. While the intensity of pain is not very high, the pain is experienced intermittently. Moreover, stress is identified as the primary cause behind this kind of pain.

Home Remedies

One may need to consult doctors for severe pain and take proper medication, while others can be treated using simple ingredients available in our kitchen. Here are some home remedies for headaches that can help combat the pain.

Head massage with rosemary oil and thyme. This is an effective method to cure pain in head. Rest for few minutes after the massage and relax your body for full effect.

One can consume foods rich in magnesium such as pumpkin seeds, mackerel and dried figs among others. Magnesium pills can also be taken after consulting a doctor. Please note that some people tend to get diarrhoea after consuming magnesium.

Similarly, Vitamin B12 can also be used for getting rid of headaches. Here are some foods rich in Vitamin B12-almonds, some hard cheese, sesame seeds (white and black) and specific kind of fish.

Steeply boiled ginger root (a large piece) in two cups of water for about 30 minutes can be consumed for treating headache. This inhibits prostaglandin synthesis.

Chamomile tea is another effective home remedy to combat headache. It contains elements that soothe pain and relaxes mind. Chamomile tea bags are available in market and can be consumed with a dash of honey.

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