High Protein Diet Plan for Non-Vegetarians

High Protein Diet Plan for Non-Vegetarians

Proteins are macronutrients made of amino acids chained together that act as stimulants for body growth, repairing and other important functions. These are extremely essential for our growth but should be restricted to the stipulated amount required by the body. It is a myth that increased consumption of protein will aide weight loss. Our body will only use what it needed by it. Excessive intake of protein leads to storing fat inside body, so do not fall for fad diet plans fooling you into losing weight fast.

Non Vegetarian Protein Rich Food Vs Vegetarian Food

It is a known fact that non-vegetarian food offers more protein compared to the vegetarian cuisine, but this does not imply that vegetarian diet cannot suffice our daily protein intake. We have already discussed about protein rich diet for vegetarians and now we are going to discuss about non-vegetarian high protein Indian diet plan for non-vegetarians.

Non vegetarian food plan is comprised of protein rich food such as eggs, chicken, whey protein supplement, fish, meat, dairy etc. Remember, to keep total calorie intake in check, avoid sugar, oils, fried foods, butter, highly processed foods and artificial sweeteners as these dampen your effort to cut down on the extra dose of calories.

You can chalk out a high protein non veg diet plan yourself by mixing and matching protein rich foods on a daily basis. The Indian protein rich diet (non veg) offers a variety of foods to choose from. Look at this perfect Indian 1200 calorie diet plan for weight loss. Here are some of the non-veg foods that contain good amount of protein that you can add in your diet.

Protein Rich Non Veg Food

Non Vegetarian Protein Rich Diet

  • Boiled eggs, whey protein- It is advisable to eat up to 3 boiled eggs in breakfast with a glass full of whey protein. Since one should start the day with a heavy meal, this makes for an ideal breakfast. There are other choices also which you can try like 2 egg omelette, scrambled egg etc.
  • Smoked Salmon with spinach, grilled chicken breast or turkey break-These are ideal for mid-morning snack. Remember to portion the helping to around 100gms and this should work fine for you.
  • Vegetables sandwich combined with a small piece of fish,red rice, white rice, grilled or boiled chicken or egg curry-You can combine these with chapatti salad, red rice etc.
  • Fruits with yoghurt, nuts and chicken salad- To put your hunger pangs to rest try any of the above options for the evening snack. When I say evening it means around 4:00 clock. Again portion your food and eat mindfully. Do not stuff yourself unnecessarily. It is worse to binge food, rather plan a diet where you eat something in every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Chapati, fish, chicken, chicken soup, daal, paneer, bowlof boiled veggies, salad-We all know that dinner should be the lightest meal of the day and should be eaten by maximum 8:00. Though, it is ideal to have dinner by 7:00pm. Try to start with a soup, preferably a chicken soup and then eat normal roti with grilled fish and salad.

This non veg protein diet is balanced and should induce weight loss. Try to exercise for at-least 30 minutes to expedite weight loss. Also, check the weight loss diet tips.

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