How to Organize Space to Inspire Healthy Habits


A well-organized space is a very basis for picking up inspire healthy habits. Organizing the space as per the rules that are already proven to boost up the productivity of the child and promote an uplifting lifestyle is a good way to bring some positive change.

For a child with special needs, organizing space that best suits their condition is imperative. Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder require organizational help. Sometimes they get so focused on the task at hand that they completely forget about the mess that gets created in the process.

A lot of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder face difficulty with proper executive functioning. This includes skills like organizing, planning, paying attention, etc. They may face trouble with certain skills like planning, staying organized, sequencing information and self-regulating emotions.
Considering these factors, organizing space in a way that helps your child thrive in the home environment is essential. Special education and child counseling centers guide parents and caregivers about organizing space, which is most suitable to the needs of a child with special needs.

Adopting and practicing healthy habits in the childhood days will probably remain constant to your loved one. Every space or room has its own appropriate setting that is aesthetically appealing. As per the current trends, try out organizations in your space which bring about the most attractiveness out of a room, keeping into consideration that it doesn’t hinder its purpose.

    • Get rid of the distractions

      Children who are emotionally sensitive experience a sensory disorder, which may tend to become overloaded at the slightest of cues. Loud noises, cluttered space, or a to-do list that exists in their plain sight holds a possibility is instantly breaking the focus, thus pulling away from the person from the task they are presently working on. While getting organized, try to make your child’s surrounding soothing through peace.

    • A neat and organized kitchen

      The kitchen is that space where a parent or caregiver takes care of the family’s nutritional needs and taste preferences. In it, the utensils used for the preparation of food as well as the ingredients used in it are kept and stored. Thereby, the kitchen stands to be a prominent space for starting to build a healthy habit and further transfer the same to your kids. The best part about using kitchen space to organize healthy habits is that this habit would go a long way in ensuring that the child stays fit and healthy.

      Some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may show behaviors of self-harming. In such case, you should organize the kitchen space in such a manner that all items like knives, forks, lighter, etc are stored at a place that is out of reach of the child.

    • Use furniture smartly and organize daily essentials

      Another space organizing habit that can be used to inspire healthy habits in your child is through using picture magnets on the refrigerator. One can practice this by hanging the pictures of family members on the refrigerator door. Also, you and your kids can use letter magnets to leave important messages for the members to read. This can be a great way of teaching your child a way to communicate his thoughts and preferences. In fact, child counseling experts and special education providers advice to use the alphabet and sentence cards to help the child learn to communicate.

While you organize the space, try to help your child adopt the habit. However, since children require some extra time to pick up some habits, it might take a while for your child to adapt to it. Do not try to rush up or penalize your child for times he/she fails to follow. Other than these, you can practice and encourage a habit of leaving a water jug or a bottle filled with water on the dining table or countertop to remind everyone to stay hydrated regularly. Clearly, keeping a neat, organized and child-proof kitchen can encourage several healthy habits in your child.

  • Invite positive energy in the living room

    A living room is one of the perfect places for bringing and building in some positive energy into the home. Your windows should ideally be free of any dark material or sheets that obscure sunlight. Use lighter pastel wallpapers or colors that build a relaxing atmosphere in the living room and spread a calming effect throughout the day. You can also place a few potted plants that have some oxygen-producing plants in them. Organize them well and encourage your child to water them as per schedule. This will inspire a healthy habit of watering plants in your child that too, through an easy activity.

  • Organizing space for gadgets

    There exist harmful effects of radiation that come from mobile phones. Too much screen time also leaves a negative impact on the eyesight. Organizing and dedicating a specific space for gadgets is extremely vital for the health of your child and other family members. You can build a dedicated cupboard or a rack to keep all your gadgets to be kept.
    Ensure that this space is far away from the bedrooms. This will not only encourage your child to use the phone for a limited time but also help them have a good sleep. Researches have proved that one should keep away all gadgets before they go to bed. This helps in improving sleep quality and helps in falling asleep faster.

  • Convert your terrace or balcony into an additional space

    You can easily convert your terrace or balcony into additional space and use it as per your preferences. This space can best serve as an area to exercise, do yoga, grow herbs, a playroom for your child, or anything else that you want. Accordingly, you can use that space to inspire healthy habits in your child. For example, if you use that space to build a playroom for your kid, stack a few empty cardboard boxes in that room. Ask your child to put back his/her toys and other play items in it after playing with them. This will encourage them to store things responsibly.

    Try out these tips and ideas to organize space that inspires healthy habits in your child. Child counceling and special education centers can precisely guide you better with a bunch of techniques you can practice with your child to help them adopt healthy habits through organizing space.

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