Listen, What The Butt Shape Says About Your Health?

Butt Shapes and Health

This is quite interesting to know that every butt shape has something to say about overall health of a person. Every individual has different body shapes and just like other parts of body, butts too tell about our health. Fat storage in body is considered as terrible thing as it invites various health issues.

Fat stored in body determines the overall health status. Fat stored around chest is more dangerous than fat stored in hips area. The fat stored in butts keep the fatty acids away from heart and liver which lowers the risk of certain diseases related to heart, liver and even other enervating health issues like diabetes. Our body is smart enough to decide where to distribute fat built in body. The more it stored in butts or hips, the more it is good for cardiovascular health.

It is found that women with bigger hips have lower cholesterol levels. So, all it needs to have enough Omega-3 fats in body to store more fat in butts. One more thing to keep in mind that Omega-3 is good for brain health.

Having bigger butts is not bad but you also take better care of your overall health. Never let the extra fat store in your body. Let’s have a look at different butts shapes and know what they says about health –

Square Shape Butts

A square shape butt tells that the person might have fat around waist. It refers to the fat distribution is around the upper part of gluteal muscles that creates square shape. It also tells that the person may exercise but does not have enough gluteus. If you have this butt shape then try some simple core workouts or gluteus exercises to stay fit and reduce excess fat around your belly and make gluteus muscles strong.

Circle Shape Butts

Circle shaped butts shows healthy signs. It also tells that the fat is stored in the upper part of gluteus muscle not at the edges. From bottom of gluteus one can easily remove extra fat.

Top of Form

Heart Shape Butts

This butt shape is considered as one of the best bum shapes. This one is full at bottoms and goes slight narrow at the top near waist. Though, this shape also refers extra fat storage in the upper thighs. Women having this butt shape losses fat faster during ageing.

‘V’ Shape Butts

This shape is mostly of older women. With age, the fat starts moving from the bottom to other areas. If you having this butt shape then it’s a clear sign that you should start taking proper care of your health to remove fat quickly to protect the heart.

Fat stored around your butts is far better than it stored around your waist or other body parts. Exercise more and remove that extra fat which makes you unhealthy.

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