Meditation Techniques, Benefits and How to Guide for Beginners


Meditation – The proven and effective approach to train mind. It is similar to physical workouts that we do to train the body. Sometimes, our body is physically fit but the mind is filled with worries and negativity. Meditation is one proven solution to fill your mind and soul with positivity.

There are several meditation techniques exist. Different meditation practices needs different mental skills. For a beginner it is quite difficult to sit for long hours and concentrate. So, here are some meditation techniques.

Meditation Exercise for Beginners

If you are a meditation beginner, follow these steps to meditate –

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Simply breathe. Naturally breathe without any effort of controlling it.
  • Focus on the breathe inhalation and exhalation. Observe your body moves i.e. chest, belly and shoulders. Keep your focus stick to the breath.

Initially, do it three or four minutes at a time and then exceed time.

Once you learnt how to meditate, try some other meditation techniques. Before trying them, be perfect in focusing on breathe.

benefits of meditation

Meditation Techniques

Concentration Meditation

It is all about focusing on a single point. You need to choose one object of attention that could be anything from a candle flame to a clock pendulum. Listening meditation song repetitively and focusing on chosen object for few minutes.

This practice not just keeps negative thoughts away from mind but also improved concentration power. Rather than keeping negative or stressful thoughts inside mind, you just let them go away.

Mindfulness Meditation

It encourages meditation practitioner to observe drifting thoughts. The intention behind mindfulness meditation is not to get involved with any arising thought instead just being aware about all types of mental note.

Practicing this meditation technique will make you feel that all your thoughts and feelings have a tendency to move in a pattern. You will become capable to quickly judge an experience. It will develop an inner balance into your mind and soul.

Mantra Meditation

Everyone’s mind has a tendency to tremble in a flow that purely depends on origin, culture, health and individual’s interest. This tremulous flow of mind is indifferent all the time. Sometimes it will give you a positive vibe or sometimes you feel negativity going heavier on your mind.

To deal with such vibes, Mantra helps. Mantras change your vibration in a positive flow. Consistent practicing can fill positivity in the way we talk and our actions. ‘So-Hum’ is one powerful mantra that is considered as the sound of our breath. It is said by acient rishis that our breath makes two sounds – ‘SO’ on inhale and ‘HUM’ in exhale. Practicing it regularly can bring more harmony.

To meditate it, you need to sit in a quiet place with eyes close. On inhale repeat sound ‘So’ and on exhale repeat sound ‘Hum’. Continue repeating it with your breath in natural flow as long as you can do. If your mind wanders then bring it back to mantra and concentrate on breath and rhythm.

Prana Shuddhi

Prana Shuddhi meditation technique is all about visualizing and balancing multiple things at a time. It entails ‘alternate nostril breathing’ without using hands.  As you focus on controlling your breath on the direction and try to regulate it through one nostril that helps you to forget everything.

To practice Prana Shuddhi meditation, sit in a quiet place and relax your breath. Keep your hands on lap and imagine that you are inhaling through your left nostril. Then imagine exhaling through right nostril. Now reverse it. Inhale through right nostril and exhale through left nostril. Keep breath soft and slow.

Once you are comfortable with this process, add third eye chakra in the flow. You simply need to breathe in through left nostril and up to third eye chakra between eyebrows or middle of mind, and then breathe out through right nostril. Repeat in reverse and continue. Keep doing this and see an inverted V shape. Just pour yourself into third eye and allow your mind to keep calm and feel soothe.

Benefits of Meditation

Making your mind, body and soul relaxed is the purpose of meditation. And it is result too!

Here are the benefits of meditation –

  • Less anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • Less stress
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lower heart rate
  • Lower blood cortisol levels
  • Less perspiration
  • More feelings of well-being
  • Deeper relaxation

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