Miraculous Benefits of Amla During Pregnancy

Amla during pregnancy

Amla in pregnancy is extremely beneficial for both mother and the baby. Similar to a lemon in size, this super-fruit turns green in colour when it matures. The super-fruit packs several vital nutrients including vitamin C, calcium, phosphorous, iron, carotene that makes amla appropriate to be consumed during pregnancy. A single serving of amla offers 20 times as much vitamin C as oranges, making it a good source of antioxidant. Another reason that makes it suitable for pregnant females is its ability to get rid of constipation. Besides, the super-fruit is advised to be consumed in several health related conditions such as anemia, haemorrhoids, inflammation etc. We have listed some other amla benefits during pregnancy, have a look.

Amla During Pregnancy for Mood Swings

During those nine months, females go through multiple issues each day. The most common of all is the mood swings. These are caused due to hormonal changes and it stimulates sensitivity in females resulting in abrupt mood changes. This is where amla comes in the picture. The super-fruit has the ability to curb mood swings and keep the mind and body poised. It also eases out nervousness and anxiety.

Amla During Pregnancy for Relieving Constipation

Another issue that females fight during pregnancy is constipation. Consuming amla can relieve pregnant females from constipation. During constipation, bowel muscles relax which makes them inactive, hence keeping the food inside for long in the digestive tract. Amla contains dietary fiber and also acts as a mild laxative that regulates bowel movement. Hence consuming amla in moderation during pregnancy can keep constipation at bay. Here is all about constipation causes, prevention and treatments.

Amla Juice for Gestational Diabetes

Amla juice in pregnancy can work wonders. It can relieve pregnant females from gestational diabetes, a condition that arises due to the change in the way a woman’s body responds during pregnancy. Not many know that amla contains anti-diabetic properties and its regular use during pregnancy can prevent females from this condition.

How to Take Amla in Pregnancy

Knowing that amla is sour in taste, it becomes tough to consume it raw especially during pregnancy. For your convenience, we have listed down some delicacies that can be incorporated in your diet during pregnancy. Here is how to use amla during pregnancy to reap maximum benefit from this super-fruit.

  1. Amla Pickle – In pregnancy females usually crave for pickles and amla pickle satiates food cravings but also ingests good dose of nutrients in the body.
  2. For those who crave to gorge on fruit salad can add 1/3 slice of amla in salad to balance its sour taste.
  3. Amla juice is the most common way of ingesting it. It is advised to consume it with juice during the early hours of morning.
  4. To relieve your craving for something sweet, dip slices of amla into honey and serve it as dessert post lunch.

In addition, you can make amla chutney, amla jam and amla muraba. These preparations can be stored in a glass jar for a long time.

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