Onion Juice for Hair Growth and Hair Greying

Onion for hair growth and hair greying

Are you caught in the vicious circle of hair fall? Is hair thinning harrowing you? It is certainly haunting to see your tresses go down the vain while shampooing or entangled around brush. This often triggers stress and depression which are identified as major stimulants for hair loss. While you tend to take up antibiotic course or use expensive products loaded with chemicals to cure hair loss, there is one natural super-food that has the magical formula to treat hair thinning. This super-food is a staple ingredient used in every recipe across cuisines and is found in abundance in every kitchen. We are talking about onion! Yes you heard that right. Onion for hair loss is a wonder drug that penetrates to the roots and reduces hair fall and other issues like hair greying etc.

Benefits of Onion for Healthy Hair

Onion Hair Mask

Onion for Hair Loss

Researchers have found that onion can be used effectively for curbing hair loss. It contains healing properties that act as a natural drug for controlling several causes triggering hair loss.

Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onion contains sulphur in high amount that treats various hair conditions responsible for hair fall. Research suggests that onion juice is useful in treating alopecia areata, an auto-immune disease that leads to spot baldness. Application of onion juice induces re-growth of hair in the bald spots. It promotes hair growth and can be used for stimulating hair growth.

Onion Juice for Hair Greying

Hair greying is natural with ageing, but many people suffer from this problem at a relatively early age. This could be due to hereditary which passes on from one generation to the other causing greying of hair during teenage. As much as it is appalling, hair greying can be reduced and eventually reversed by regular use of onion juice on scalp. Onion juice nourishes hair follicles, improves circulation and reduced inflammation. Remember, it is a gradual process and takes time to return desirables results. It is suggested to use onion juice continually for six weeks. Please note you can also use onion paste for white hair, it will also work effectively on grey hair.

How to Make Onion Juice

Onion juice for hair growth

All you need is few onions and a juicer or blender or food processor. This could also be done by using grater which is available in almost every Indian household. Simply churn the onion in juicer/blender or food processor and sieve the juice. You can grate it and drain the juice from the pulp.

How to Make Onion Paste for Hair

Onion paste can be made in the similar way as we make onion juice. Be careful to retain the liquid. One can also add Amla powder or coconut oil for more effect. There are several benefits of Amla including hair, skin, pregnancy and weight loss.


Onion has a bad smell and regular use of onion juice/paste can leave your hair smelly. To avoid this, apply olive oil after using onion juice and leave it overnight. Wash it next morning with shampoo. You can also add few drops of lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar to water before rinsing it. Include this practice in your basic hair care routine to get long and healthy hair.

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