Parineeti Chopra’s Weight Loss Mantra – Diet Plan and Workout Secrets

Parineeti Chopra’s Weight Loss Mantra – Diet Plan and Workout Secrets

Parineeti Chopra’s weight loss journey is one of the most admired and inspiring body transformation tales of bollywood. The 25 years old actress has won millions of hearts with her bindaas attitude and acting talent. Now she is every young girl’s inspiration because of her wonderful transformation from size 38 to just 30. She used to weigh around 86 kilos before joining Bollywood.

Now, Parineeti looks just fabulous and in shape. I know many girls want to know the secret behind her weight loss and try it out to get curves just right in place.

Weight Loss Journey of Parineeti Chopra

Losing weight isn’t an easy job and it might not been easy for Parineeti too; especially when she is a food lover. But, with determination and rigorous fitness exercises and workout regime along with a strict diet plan, she finally lost all those extra fats.

Parineeti is very open about her weight issues. She even talks about it openly.

“BEFORE… All my life, I have struggled with how I look, how I feel, and how people looked at me. I was constantly made fun of, but the person I was, I generously laughed with them. Today, many people ask me what triggered the weight loss; did I give in to the ‘Bollywood pressure’? To that I say – thank god I became an actor and had that pressure! I am able to achieve what I couldn’t achieve otherwise. I feel more confident, I feel at peace, and I feel proud!” Parineeti wrote on her Instagram. She further added, “Like I always say – if I could do it. So can you”.


In an interview, she was quoted as saying:

“I am a 25 year-old and there is no reason for me to look fat. I want to look great. I am taking care of myself and I am losing even more weight because I want to look better.”

She also once said:

“Those actresses are comfortable in what they look like. I used to feel uncomfortable. I am in a visual medium and should be able to compete with every good-looking actress.”

Whereas actresses like Huma Qureshi and Vidya Balan who are comfortable in what they look and about their weight; the ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl’ actress doesn’t want to look fat or overweight. She just wants to compete with every fit and beautiful actress.

Parineeti felt the need of fat loss because she used to face problems with her dressing up as she was overweight. She was tired of all unfit clothes and limited wear options. She once said – “I was sick and tired of clothes not fitting and having limited options on what to wear.”

So, what made her from size 38 to 30 is the perfect duo of effective workout and weight loss diet plans.

Pareeniti’s Exercise Plan

Pari's workout

Pareenti faced a lot of negative limelight in Bollywood in her starting days. She then chose to be fit and in shape. For this she decided to go on weight training and soon shut down all criticism by showing her perfect toned new-look.

“I used to be 86 kilos; I used to wear size 38. Right now, fitting into a jeans of size 30 is a big achievement.”

Reducing this much weight has never been an easy job for the ‘ishaqzade’ actress but to achieve the perfectly toned body she just changed her lifestyle and fitness routine.

Parineeti Chopara weight loss secrets

So, here is her exercise and fitness regime –

  • Start day with jogging.
  • Meditation and Yoga.
  • Activities like swimming, horse riding etc.
  • Running on treadmill.
  • Cardio
  • Regular floor exercises
  • Dancing to burn some extra fat with her deadly dance moves.

Parineeti’s Diet Plan

Parineeti is one of those people who love to eat and foodie. She is a pizza lover too. She said – “I gave up pizza! It’s my first love. I can let go of anything but not pizza. But I didn’t have a choice.”

So, her diet plan is as follow –

Breakfast One glass of milk, brown bread with butter, two eggs- white, juice sometimes.
Lunch Dal and roti, brown rice, green salad and green leafy vegetables.
Dinner Simple food with less oil, one glass of milk and sometimes a chocolate shake.

She posted her post-weight-loss pictures on social media and shown her new stunning avatar. When asked, if she still follow her routine, she stated –

“For the last few months, I have been working on myself. I have lost a lot of weight, and I am much fitter now. I was so busy last year that I didn’t get the time to work on myself. I neglected my health, but now, I make sure I take care of it. I’m doing a form of Kerala martial arts called Kalaripayattu. I do it every day for an hour. It has made me more flexible, stronger, and has also helped build my stamina. I don’t like going through the regular gym routine to lose weight. It really bores me. I guess I couldn’t multi-task. I was working day in and day out, and not taking care of my health. I not only looked unhealthy, but also felt it. I wanted to feel energetic, but I was just constantly tired. So, I decided to change that. We always aim to get thin. But that’s not enough. We should feel fit from the inside. I was unfit and overweight. Now as I am losing weight and getting fitter, I should soon be where I want to be.”

Weight Loss Mantra of Parineeti

She also spent 10 lakh to achieve her toned body goals as she signed up for a detox programme of a month in Austria. This program costs between 5-10 lac for 15 to 30 days as the concerned patient has to go under several tests. Tests results suggests what detox plan must be suggested to patient.

Our very own Parineeti aka Pari is a true inspiration for every girl and guy to achieve a perfect healthy body.

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