The Perfect 7 Day Detox Plan For Effective Weight Loss

The Perfect 7 Day Detox Plan For Effective Weight Loss

It is hard to keep an account of sweets and heavy oil laden curries consumed during festivities.  While we rejoice coming together of family and friends, food binds us together with endless conversations over meals. Food items prepared at home are usually not as bad for health as street food or restaurant food.  However, you should still go easy on food and eat mindfully, enjoying every bite. Another tip is to eat without guilt, this will inhibit stress hormone in the body from sending signals to our brain to store fat. Indulging in rich food once in a while is not a sin, but you should ensure balancing it out with detox. Detox is important to flush out toxins accumulated in the body and promote metabolism. It could also be used for weight loss, if practiced properly. The rules are simple, avoid foods with artificial sweetners, white flour and excessive oil and increase intake of fibre rich foods, water, fruits and vegetables. To help you understand better, we have chalked out a 7 day diet menu with body cleansing foods. The idea is to work around body cleanser diet plan for flushing out toxins and to promote weight loss.

Detox Diet Plan India

Here is a diet plan tailored for Indians which primarily includes fresh fruits, vegetables, daals and Indian roti with other foods good for our health. (Please note, we have given options which you can swap during the 7 day detox plan)

7 Day Detox Plan to Lose Weight



Papaya, apple, banana, Guava, pomegranate, Kiwi etc. These can either be consumed raw or you can make a smoothie with yogurt. Do not extra sugar to it.

Vegetable Juice

Carrots, cucumber, beetroot, mint, cerely, wheatgrass, spinach etc. You can make a healthy juice made from above vegetables and have it for breakfast.

You can also add seeds to your bowl of fruits like white and black sesame seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flex seeds and melon seeds. Cumin powder and cinnamon powder are extremely good for adding flavour, besides they offer miraculous medicinal properties.

Mid-Morning/Evening Snack

Soaked nuts, Soaked seeds, makhana, peanuts, fruits, smoothie, green tea etc.


In lunch, try to incorporate blanched or steamed vegetables. Add freshly cracked black pepper powder or lemon juice for taste. Try to use seasonal vegetables for maximum benefit. Here is a list for your convenience.

Beetroot, spinach, mushrooms, mustard leaves, cabbage, capsicum, pumpkin, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger, tomato, bottle gourd etc. You can either have steamed red rice or white rice in moderation. If you do not like rice, add two light phulkas with lots of salad and half bowl curd. Daal with slight tempering is also good for lunch.


Keep it light and early. You can have a bowl of boiled veggies with rice noodles for taste. Light phulkas can also be added with lots of salad.

Another tip is to eat in moderation and taking small bites. Thoroughly chew your bite for improved digestion. The saliva in our mouth contains enzymes and digestion starts in our mouth. Food well mixed with saliva is easy to break and creates less trouble. The above detox diet plan for fast weight loss works well if you religiously follow these tips. You can look for other detox diet recipes to make it more interesting. There some weight loss myths too you should not believe. Follow proper diet and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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