The Perfect Hair Care Routine According to Your Hair Type

Hair Care Routine

Daily hair care routine is must for every hair type during all the seasons. The perfect hair care routine is different for every hair type. Person who has straight hair should not follow the curly or wavy hair routine and same for other hair types. So, let’s have a look what your hair is demanding from you 😉

Hair Care Routine for Straight Hair

Silky Hair Routine
Straight hairs are smooth as the natural oils works easily from scalp to the hair bottoms. This type of hair doesn’t need more conditioning as they are already soft and smooth. But it doesn’t mean that straight hairs are free of all hair problems.

  • You need to clean your hair by washing every other day. Comb hair with small tooth comb daily twice a day, preferably, in morning and at night before going to bed. It distributes the sebum to the ends.
  • Conditioning can be done once or twice a month to maintain their softness.
  • Oiling should be done at least twice a month to maintain your hair volume and their health.
  • When it comes to styling your hair, use blow dryer to give some wave to your flat hair and give ultimate volume. Use a round brush to blow dry hair upside-down.
  • Use soft and silk pillow to sleep so that your hair won’t hurt while sleeping.
  • Smooth hair also faces dandruff issues. Read here some effective home remedies for dandruff removal.

Hair Care Routine for Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair Care Routine
Wavy hair are bit curly and bit smooth. They have s-shaped curls at the ends. Sometimes you can see straight hair and sometimes curls to the length. The best thing with this hair type is that you can pick any style from straight to curls. Though, sometimes it can be greasy on top and hard or dry at the bottom.

  • Wash hair twice or thrice a week to keep them clean and clear. Use mild shampoo.
  • Use a deep conditioner to keep hair soft and shiny. Use at least twice a month.
  • Oiling is very essential for hair growth and their proper health. Try essential oils to keep them strong and healthy.
  • To style wavy hair you have numerous choices. You can straighten your hair or leave them wavy. Even curls don’t need any heat application. Just use simple rollers to role hair and apply some salt spray.

Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

Curly Hair Care Routine
Curly hair is bouncy. They are thick and full of volume. The problems with this hair type are frizz, dryness and shrinkage.

  • Wash your hair less often and use a mild shampoo. You can wash once or twice a week.
  • Don’t forget to do deep conditioning once a week. Else it will cause dryness and damage.
  • Oiling is must. Do oil massage before every wash.
  • Always use heat protection spray before you apply any heat to style your hair. If you want to give some proper style to your curls then you would need to spend some time on styling the individual curl. You may try these home remedies for dull and frizzy hair.

Hair Care Routine for Tight Curly Hair

Coily Hair Care Routine
Such hair is also referred as coily hair too. They generally have s or z shapes. This hair type is the most fragile and easily damaged if not care properly. The best thing with this hair type is that it has excellent texture, when you style your hair you won’t need to worry about hair slipping out of your hairstyle.

  • Use a mild shampoo and if possible dilute it in water before washing hair. Wash just once a week.
  • Use heavy oils or coating butters to condition them. Do some hot oil massage before hair wash. Try tea tree oil for dry scalp as it works as a moisturizer and clears blockages in pores. Add some carrier oil in it and then apply.
  • To style your tight curls you can go for a perfect bun or a braid. You should not use heat on your hair to avoid them from any damage.
  • Protect your hair from any heat whether it is sun of summer. Use sun protection before you go out.
  • Invest on silk pillow and bed sheet to avoid breakage.

So here you go girls. Pick the perfect hair routine according to your hair type and don’t forget to write in comments if you have any tip for hair care.

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