Symptoms and Home Remedies for Vertigo

Vertigo & Dizziness

A sensation of spinning or feeling dizzy makes one sick while affecting their daily tasks. Vertigo is referred to as a feeling of getting dizzy and off-balance. The room seems to spin around you or you find yourself spinning, which in reality is not the case. There are various kinds of vertigo symptoms that are easily analyzed if one observes carefully. Vertigo symptoms last for a few minutes to hours and settle on its own. If the vertigo is mild it can be treated at home with various vertigo home remedies.

Some type of vertigo happens once while the other keeps on recurring until the cause is not found. If the case becomes complex, identifying the underlying cause of vertigo is a must, to treat the vertigo problem. Seeking medical advice and consulting a neuro specialist will help to treat vertigo with vertigo medications and recommended vertigo exercises.

An inflammation or infection in an ear, a head injury, Vestibular neuritis, stroke, are some of the common vertigo causes. Benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV) is a type of vertigo that is caused by calcium deposits in the inner ear. It makes you lose balance, as signals are not sent to the brain through the vestibular system. If vertigo treatment at home does not respond well, prescribed vertigo medicines and vertigo exercises are to be followed. If there is no improvement in the Vertigo Symptoms and it keeps on recurring, seek medical help. Undergo various vertigo tests, surgery or physical therapies if you face severe episodes of vertigo. A feeling of getting off balance or spinning, nausea, headaches, double vision, hearing loss, ringing in the ear are some of the major vertigo symptoms.

Vertigo Symptoms & Treatments At Home

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Your body constitutes of 78% water. If there is a lack of a sufficient amount of fluid required by the body it can lead to various problems. Dehydration can lead to various vertigo symptoms. Even slight dehydration can make the situation worse. Keeping yourself hydrated protects your body from catching various ailments along with minimizing vertigo problems. Drink plenty of water daily as the body needs a minimum of 8 cups of liquid per day. Drinking a sufficient amount of water and the intake of fluids per day in your body reduces vertigo episodes.

Chinese Herb Ginkgo Biloba Is Of Great Help

Ginkgo biloba, a Chinese herb helps in alleviating various vertigo symptoms. A study has reported that Ginkgo biloba is very effective in managing vertigo symptoms. It is readily available in the market in both liquid and capsule formation. A regular dose of Ginkgo biloba makes you find the balance again by managing the blood flow to the brain. It helps in resolving the vertigo problem by relieving dizziness.

Include Almonds In Your Daily Diet

Add almonds in your daily diet as they are rich sources of vitamins A, B, and E. Almonds are well known for its benefits. Regular intake of almonds keeps vertigo symptoms at the array. Eating a handful of almonds daily is one of the best vertigo home remedies.

Intake Of Vitamin D Resolve Vertigo Problems

A proper diet is a must to keep one healthy. A diet full of all the essential nutrients prevents the body from various ailments and keep it fit. If a person is suffering from BPPV vertigo, lack of Vitamin D can make the situation worse. Increase your intake of vitamin D by consuming a diet rich in it. Egg yolk, milk & orange juice are some of the common sources of vitamin D. Adding a diet rich in vitamin D is the best vertigo treatment at home. Here are the reasons to consume vitamin D for a healthy life.

Drink Ginger Tea To Relieve Vertigo Symptoms

Ginger is an effective ingredient that is used to cure many health problems. Ginger root helps in relieving symptoms of vertigo. Boil ginger root in water and drink ginger tea, twice a day daily. It is counted as one of the best vertigo treatments at home.

Rest Properly With An Adequate Amount Of Sleep

If you are not taking proper rest or is deprived of a sufficient amount of sleep, it may trigger vertigo. Stress, lack of sleep or rest can result in various vertigo problems. If you suddenly feel dizzy and at the initial stage of vertigo, short naps will resolve your vertigo issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

Apple cider vinegar and honey are counted as vertigo home remedies to treat vertigo. Both help in relieving blood flow to the brain and controls blood sugar levels. Daily intake of apple cider vinegar and honey can treat various vertigo symptoms at home.

Quit Alcohol

Alcohol can make you feel dizzy while making your body dehydrated. It can even change the fluid composition in the inner year and makes you lose balance. Quitting alcohol can help you recover from vertigo symptoms.


Acupressure makes one relaxed and contented. It promotes wellness and relaxation. Nowadays acupressure is recommended by doctors for vertigo symptoms & treatments at home. It works on the same concept of acupuncture, but needles are not used in the process.
Acupressure helps in relieving various vertigo symptoms by stimulating pressure points throughout the body.

Epley Maneuver

The Epley maneuver is simple and most common physical therapy. It is used in demolishing vertigo symptoms & treatments at home to a greater extent. Performing Epley Maneuver regularly starts giving results within a week. It helps in repositioning the calcium deposition in the inner ear. The Epley maneuver is of great help to a person suffering from BPPV vertigo. It is advised to practice it after consulting an expert doctor as it involves the movement of the head and whole body. Expert guidance will help you to perform an Epley maneuver at home with much ease. The Semont maneuver and barbeque maneuver are some other vertigo exercises that can be done at home to treat vertigo.

Practice Vertigo Exercises At Home

Brandt Daroff is a vertigo exercise that is used to treat vertigo caused by BPPV. Brandt Daroff Exercises can be performed daily at home to achieve the desired result. It helps in eliminating various vertigo symptoms while preventing future recurrence. Vertigo exercises can help in coping up with various vertigo problems. Primary BPPV vertigo symptoms are treated well with Brand Daroff exercises. Seek expert advice and guidance before performing any vertigo exercise. It may make the situation worse, if not done appropriately.

Consult A Doctor For Vertigo Medications

If a person feels dizzy all the time and the vertigo symptoms keep on recurring, seek medical help. Consulting an expert neurologist will help you identify the underlying cause of vertigo. A doctor may prescribe you vertigo medicines like Vertin tablet, Meclizine or Stugeron depending on the cause of vertigo. If the vertigo symptoms keep on returning even after a course of medication, then surgery would be recommended by the doctors.

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