Teeth Whitening Tips for Yellow or Stained Teeth


If you are suffering from yellow and stained teeth and looking for the best tips, you are here in the right space. In this article, you will discover the causes of stained and yellow teeth, the best natural remedies, and many tips to give your smile a white and candid color and improve its aesthetics in a short time.

The best and natural home remedies for teeth whitening at home:

Sodium bicarbonate:

Baking soda is one of the most used natural remedies against yellow and stained teeth. It helps to get rid of plaque and to remove stains. Take a quarter of a tablespoon of soda and mix it with some paste, brushing your teeth daily with this mixture and rinse off using warm water.


Lemon has a strong whitening property that helps to effectively eliminate yellow spots. There are various methods to whiten teeth with lemon. You can use its peel by rubbing it on your teeth or you can create a mixture with a few drops of lemon and some salt and apply the mixture on your teeth by rubbing with a cloth over the entire surface.

Orange peel:

Regularly using orange peel to clean your teeth helps to reduce yellow spots on your teeth. Rub the peel of orange on teeth every night at the time of sleep. Calcium and vitamin C contained in the skin can reduce microorganisms and bacteria during the night. If you do this treatment for some weeks, you will see good results.


Strawberries contain vitamin C, a very powerful element for removing yellow stains from teeth. The most used method is to chop some strawberries and rub the mixture obtained on the teeth for a couple of minutes. Or you can mix the strawberry pulp with some baking soda, spread this mixture on teeth and leave it for some minutes. Then rinse your mouth with toothpaste and water to remove all residues. If you perform one of these two treatments for a few weeks, your teeth will shine again.


Salt is one of the oldest remedies for cleaning teeth and helps replenish lost minerals and revive white teeth. There are different ways to use salt as a whitener but the most used is to mix the salt with baking soda and rub this mixture on the teeth or mix the salt with charcoal and brush the teeth with this mix.


Coal is also the best natural remedy against yellow teeth. Thanks to a particular chemical substance based on crystals contained within it, coal can whiten teeth better than other substances.

Neem sticks or Neem Oil:

You can also use Neem sticks as a toothbrush or chew them to remove yellow stains from your teeth. Alternatively, you can mix neem oil with your toothpaste and brush the product on teeth. As always, use these remedies with caution and for a short period because they could damage tooth enamel and gums. It is also advisable to consult a cosmetic dentist for better guidance.

What to avoid?

If you have teeth that tend to yellow or stains, there are things you should avoid doing right away.

Avoid smoking:

Tobacco is one of the worst enemies of teeth. Smoking causes the formation of yellow spots on the teeth and for this, you should try to smoke as little as possible or, better yet, stop.

Do not abuse coffee:

A large number of people habitually consume coffee, but even this, over time, causes teeth to turn yellow. By this, we do not mean that you should avoid consuming this drink, but it would be better to limit its consumption and rinse your mouth with water after drinking it, to remove residues that remain on your teeth or to chew chewing gum to stimulate salivation.

Do not neglect oral hygiene:

Oral hygiene also plays a fundamental role in keeping the teeth in shape and white and candid color. Remember to brush your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste 2-3 times a day and floss once a day to remove food debris that gets stuck in the interdental space and can make your teeth yellow.

Avoid foods and drinks that are acidic and full of dyes:

Acidic foods and beverages can consume the enamel layer that covers the teeth and makes them yellow and dull. Try to avoid consuming these types of foods and drinks such as vinegar, tomato puree, lemon, fizzy drinks or licorice.

Avoid medications that cause dental discoloration:

Some drugs can be dental discoloration or alteration of the tooth color that can appear as a stain or on the entire surface of the tooth.

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