Uses and Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin and Hair

Castor Oil Uses

Commonly known as ‘Arandi ka tel’ in India, Castor oil is one of the most widely used oils from the ancient times and is used for curing several ailments. The oil is extracted from seeds of castor plants (Ricinus communis). This plant is found largely in India and Africa, although it is known globally for its medicinal properties. Apart from being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature, the oil is used for enhancing skin and hair growth. Therefore, it is used as a major ingredient in soaps, cosmetics etc.

Skin Benefits

In old times, castor oil was used and recommended for beautifying skin. Here are a few ways in which castor can be used for improving skin or addressing skin related issues.

Curbs Acne- Unlike other oils, castor oil suppresses acnes and is recommended for those who tend to have acne. Wash your face with warm water and later massage it with castor oil. This could be done preferably at night. Next morning, rinse your face with cold water for best results.

Fights Signs of Ageing- Castor oil stimulates production of collagen and elastin which keeps the skin hydrated. It also slows wrinkling and curbs fine lines around eyes for a younger skin.

Good for Inflammatory Skin- Inflammations caused due to acne, dry skin and sunburns can be healed by castor oil. All you need to do is gently apply castor oil to affected areas with the help of a cotton ball and leave for an hour.

Prevents Stretch Marks- The most common problem a pregnant female faces while carrying a baby inside her womb is getting stretch marks around abdomen due to excessive itching as a result of stretching. This could be avoided by applying castor oil regularly during pregnancy (start from fifth month), since it is rich in fatty acids.

Reduces Pigmentation- Pigmentation begins during or after pregnancy or because of ageing. It works wonders for skin spots and uneven skin tone. Components such as Omega -3 fatty acids, stimulate cell growth and fight pigmentation.

Can be used as Skin Moisturiser- Castor oil nourishes the skin and can be used as a natural moisturizer, especially during winters. Just apply few drops of castor oil and get smooth skin naturally.

Cures Blemishes- It can be used for fading scars and blemishes with prolonged use. The fatty acids in the oil heal the tissues and encourage its growth. This helps curing blemishes and lightning scars. You can also use essential oils to remove acne and acne scar.

Hair Benefits

Natural Hair Conditioner- The thick oil is usually used for nourishing damaged hair. You can add a teaspoon of castor oil to your conditioner and use it regularly after washing hair. It keeps hair from drying and makes it softer.

Induces Hair Growth- Simply massage your hair with castor oil for long and thick hair. The massage spurts blood circulation to the follicles, hence promoting hair growth. It could also be used for reducing split ends, hair breakage etc.

Prevents Premature Greying- Castor oil can be used to prevent premature hair greying. It retains the hair pigment and slows the process of hair greying. You may also use onion for hair growth and hair greying.

Treats Scalp Infection- Infection in scalp could aggravate leading to serious hair problems including bald patches. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties fight hair baldness, dandruff and itching in scalp.

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